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“UNIGLOBE USA has override programs that have always been a tremendous asset and incentive to be a UNIGLOBE Franchisee…the amount of the yearly royalty can easily be earned in one quarter’s overrides.  With most of the changes in the Travel Industry taking money away from agencies and owners it is great to have a program that monetarily rewards us for our efforts!”

Rich Lane - UNIGLOBE Spectrum Travel

“As an agency owner for over 25 years I have been affiliated with consortia before we joined UNIGLOBE in 1990, the effects on our business were immediate with training and support.

As with many relationships we started to think after a few years do we really need to be paying these fees. Commission cuts came, the economy got soft, everyone had to adjust but we also had to continue to grow our business, and take advantage of technology…but how?

UNIGLOBE reinvented itself…it lowered fees to adapt to the market, it provided technology at a reasonable cost, partnered with VCOM…it adapted to what we as agency owners needed, a partner to help us in the new era to compete and prosper.”

Mark Rachko, CTC - UNIGLOBE Red Carpet & UNIGLOBE Charlie B. Travel

USA Regional Headquarters
2211 Michelson Drive, Suite 460
Irvine, CA 92612 USA
Closest Agency: (800) 999 8000
Franchising: (800) 233 0619

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