Business Opportunities 

Employment Opportunities

Many career opportunities are available throughout the UNIGLOBE system. They may exist both at our individual travel agencies, or at the Regional head office.

Our goal is to offer the highest service standards and travel options in the world. In order to make it a reality, we need to keep on attracting the brightest, most creative and talented people. People just like you. Could you help us deliver the highest service and travel options to our customers? Join our world-class team and discover your true potential.

Travel Agencies

UNIGLOBE is expanding across the US and is looking for experienced travel agents in all markets.  We prefer those with experience in corporate travel and those with knowledge of Amadeus, but ultimately we are looking for the right person in the right market.  Send your resume to careers@uniglobe.com.

Existing individual locations may have more specific job postings locally.  Use the agency locator to find agencies in your area and receive more information on their job openings.

UNIGLOBE Travel USA Regional Office

UNIGLOBE Travel currently has 1 position available, located at the UNIGLOBE Travel International headquarters in Vancouver.

USA Regional Headquarters
2211 Michelson Drive, Suite 460
Irvine, CA 92612 USA
Closest Agency: (800) 999 8000
Franchising: (800) 233 0619

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