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UNIGLOBE Conversion - Independent Travel Agency Program

UNIGLOBE Conversion is most beneficial for independently owned travel agencies with approximately $2 million or more in air sales and who serve a mix of corporate and leisure customers.  It enables agencies to earn back-end overrides or at-source commissions on UNIGLOBE preferred airlines. UNIGLOBE Conversion also offers superior lead generation and growth programs for those who wish to increase their corporate business as well as the technology tools needed to compete with online and offline mega-agencies.

If you’re like most travel agency owners today, you’ve probably lost some business to Orbitz, Expedia or Travelocity; you want to grow but you don’t have time to cold-call corporate accounts, and your staff is repeatedly asked, “What do I get for your fee?”

The Conversion program is based on research that UNIGLOBE commissioned to identify the needs of today’s travel agency owners.  It offers simple solutions for three common problem areas facing existing retail travel agencies today: profit, growth, and recognition.

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Profit - Increased margins from lucrative airline incentive programs that are not widely available.

Incentive programs negotiated by UNIGLOBE Travel USA enable you to earn lucrative overrides by delivering market share to UNIGLOBE preferred airlines. Receive cash payments and earn “marketing dollars” to purchase airline tickets and marketing tools such as upgrades and airline club memberships.

You also participate in “live” online Moving Market Share sessions to help you increase your override earnings.

Growth - Marketing and Technology

Cost-effective marketing and technology tools to help you secure new accounts and keep them:

  • Technology Solutions
  • Corporate Marketing Tools
  • National Sales Program
  • Leisure Marketing Tools



Recognition - Build familiarity among accounts that DON'T know you by promoting your agency's name and a recognized brand name.

In the increasingly competitive world of selling travel, a recognized brand name definitely stands out. Research has shown that corporate decision makers are more comfortable dealing with a brand name. As a result, Orbitz, Expedia and Travelocity are spending millions to build a brand name.  We already have a strong brand as a result of investing millions during the past 30 years to make UNIGLOBE a familiar name among many corporate and leisure travelers.

UNIGLOBE Travel has been known for years as a service leader specializing in the small and midsize account sector. When you combine your agency’s name with UNIGLOBE, you get the “best of both worlds” with local and worldwide recognition.

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