ACTE Asia Corporate Travel Conference - Hong Kong
ACTE Asia Corporate Travel Conference - Hong Kong - August 6 - 7, 2014: Amanda Close (VP, Global Operations), Andrew Henry (VP, USA Operations) and several UNIGLOBE Members attended the recent ACTE Asia Corporate Travel Conference held at the Crowne Plaza Hong Kong.
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Grand Opening UNIGLOBE Travel Brazil
Announcing the grand opening of our newest Region, UNIGLOBE Travel Brazil
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Left Behind Items at the Airport
It has likely happened to all of us at some point; you deplane and rush through the chaotic throngs of travelers only to discover you left something on the plane. But what option do you have now?
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10 Vanishing Destinations
Travel is more than just a visit to a destination, it’s about seeing a place at a particular moment in time. It’s about understanding it may not always look like it does at that moment or it may not even exist in a few years.
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Tipping Etiquettes for Around the World
You’re in a new country sitting down for your first meal or riding in your first taxi and you start to wonder to yourself what the tipping structure is like at your destination.
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Traveling Gluten Free or Vegan Friendly
For travelers with celiac disease and serious allergies it can be very difficult while on the road to stay within dietary requirements. Hilary Davidson knows this all too well, she is a travel writer, blogger and cannot eat gluten.
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Being Prepared While Traveling with Kids
You’re planning a trip, your kids are getting excited, your bags are packed, but how prepared are you for a trip with your kids? The panic starts to sets in, you re-check your bags and wonder if you forgot anything.
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Is Your Hotel Room Safe?
It is important to take certain precautions when traveling to protect yourself and your belongings. Unfortunately, a recent discovery has made keeping your valuables secure a little tricky.
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Traveling with Pets
We all feel a pang of guilt when we go on a trip and have to leave behind our little furry friends. On one hand you want to bring them along but on the other you don’t know how convenient it will be.
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Keep Healthy While Abroad
Sticking to healthy habits while at home can be tough, but soon as you hit the road (or the air) those healthy rules often go out the window.
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Preventing Identity Theft While Traveling
You have arrived at your destination and are ready begin your business trip or start your holiday, but this doesn't mean you can leave all of your worries behind.
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Dealing with Delays
Whether we like it or not, flight delays will happen to us eventually, however knowing your rights and options is key to managing this stressful situation efficiently.
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