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Lake Trahlyta ©Thomsonmg2000

Gracious columned mansions, pretty girls, and handsome soldiers is the image the southern state of Georgia conjures up for most, thanks to the enduring fame of the classic movie , based on Margaret Mitchell's Pulitzer prize-winning novel. The state took a heavy toll during the American Civil War, particularly the capital, Atlanta, which was largely laid waste. Georgian determination, however, has ensured that a phoenix arose from those ashes, and today Georgia's lively towns and the thriving cosmopolitan city of Atlanta are a force to be reckoned with.

The coastal region, from lovely historic Savannah southwards, is a treasure-trove for nature lovers, still largely unspoilt and undiscovered by mainstream tourism. It offers beaches, offshore barrier islands filled with indigenous flora and fauna, wetlands, walking and biking trails, and quaint shrimping villages to explore.

Whichever region of Georgia one chooses to visit, be it Atlanta, the northern mountains, the plantations of the Deep South or the charming coast, there is one common denominator: everywhere visitors are received and hosted with traditional southern hospitality. This is the cherry on the top for the state that claims 'You can do anything in Georgia'.

Climate Info

Georgia has a subtropical climate typical of the South. Summers are usually hot and humid and the state generally experiences widespread precipitation. Winters are usually mild, with some snow in parts, particularly in the mountains. Tornadoes and tropical storms are fairly common.

Getting Around

Atlanta's trains and buses reach most parts of the city, but they are not always the most convenient way to get around, and services are limited outside of the immediate city limits. The MARTA (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) network is inexpensive, safe and well-integrated, but travel can be slow. A one-way MARTA pass, good for travel anywhere on the system, costs around $2.50. There are weekly, weekend and visitor's passes available for various rates.

Atlanta is a car-dominated city, so there is plenty of parking, especially at tourist sights, but traffic on the freeways and in the city centre can be very busy, particularly during rush hours. During conventions and big sporting and entertainment events, it is easier to use public transport to get around. 'The Buc' is operated by BATMA; it is a free shuttle service connecting the two MARTA rail stations with many hotels, shopping areas and businesses in the city.

Taxis are available, but it is easier to order one by phone than to find one on the street; they can also be found in taxi stands around the city. Visitors should be cautious of unlicensed taxis, and women travelling alone at night should order taxis by phone.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)

LocationThe airport is situated 10 miles (16km) south of downtown Atlanta.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from March to November).

Tel: +1 404 209 1910 or 530 7300.

Transfer terminals

The two terminals and six concourses are connected by an Automated People Mover which operates approximately every two minutes. A fifteen minute shuttle ride connects the International Terminal with the Domestic Terminal's ground transportation area.

Getting to city

The airport is serviced by the trains and buses of the local Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA). Tickets to downtown Atlanta cost $2.50 and the journey takes around 20 minutes. Other options like taxis, shuttles and limousines are all available at the Ground Transportation Center, located near the baggage claim area of the arrival's lobby.

Car Rental

Car rental companies represented at the airport include Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis are available at the Ground Transportation Center, located near the baggage claim area of the arrivals lobby. The fixed fare from the airport to downtown Atlanta is $30 and a $2-per-person fee applies for two or more passengers.

Airport Facilities

The airport offers more than 200 concessions for services, food, beverages, and retail shopping. Additional services include currency exchange offices and ATMs, internet access, meeting rooms and cell phone hire. Other facilities include an interfaith chapel, smoking lounges, a post office and concierge services.

Car Parking

Parking is charged at $3 per hour for all lots, however daily rates range from $16 to $36 depending on their distance from the terminal. The hourly parking lots located in front of each terminal are the most convenient parking for picking up or dropping off. There are also daily lots adjacent to the airport's main terminal and economy lots nearby. The Park & Ride lots are the cheapest option and are connected by regular shuttle buses.


Augusta Regional Airport (AGS)

LocationThe airport is situated seven miles (11km) south of Augusta.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from mid-March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

There are hotel transfer shuttles willing to transfer to and from the airport, as well as taxi cabs available at the airport.

Car Rental

Car rental companies include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, National/Alamo, Thrifty/Dollar and Payless.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis are available outside the arrivals hall of the airport. Taxi companies include American Taxicab of Augusta, Arrow Cab Co, Speedy Cab Transport, Super Cab and Yellow Cab of Augusta.

Airport Facilities

Facilities include an ATM, free wifi, baggage carts, a mail drop facility, a lost and found zone, a restaurant and a gift shop.

Car Parking

The airport has both short-term and long-term parking options, providing 30 minutes of free parking in both parking lots. Short-term lot rates are $1 for every additional 30 minutes with a daily maximum rate of $10. Long-term lot rates are $1 for every additional 30 minutes with a daily maximum rate of $8.


Southwest Georgia Regional Airport (ABY)

LocationThe airport is located three miles (5km) west of Albany.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from mid-March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

Rental cars and taxis are available at the airport.

Car Rental

Avis, Budget, Hertz and Enterprise operate car rental facilities at the airport.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis and limousines are available to downtown Albany; however, they are not always waiting at the airport so it is best to book one ahead of time.

Airport Facilities

Airport facilities include shops and vending machines, emergency medical services, laptop stations, and disabled assistance.

Car Parking

Parking is available outside the terminal. The first half hour is free, after that each hour costs about $3, up to a daily maximum of $12. In the long-term parking lot the daily rate is only $8.


Savannah / Hilton Head International Airport (SAV)

LocationThe airport is located eight miles (13km) northwest of the central business district of Savannah.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from mid-March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

The 100X Airport Express has non-stop service from the airport to the Joe Murray Rivers Jr Intermodal Transit Center every hour from 6am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday. One-way fares are $1.50. K-Shuttle provides scheduled service to Hilton Head Island and Savannah area; however this is a private service and should be booked in advance. Coastal Regional Coaches provide public transport links to rural areas and should be scheduled in advance. Taxis are available.

Car Rental

Car rental companies operating from the airport include Avis, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Hertz, National and Thrifty.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis are available from the airport. Meter rates are regulated and charged at $2 for the first sixth of a mile (1.6km), and $1.92 per mile thereafter. A surcharge of $1 to $2 may be levied on airport fares, and there may be extra fees for additional passengers. An approximate fare to the Savannah Historic District is $28.

Airport Facilities

Airport facilities include an information centre, USO facility and military reception centre, ATMs, luggage carts, gift shops and restaurants.

Car Parking

Hourly and Long-term parking is located in the garage opposite the terminal, and costs $1 per hour, $12 per day and $60 per week. Economy parking, located farther from the terminal, has a daily rate of $8 and a weekly rate of $40. The SAV value park, which is slightly farther from the terminal than the Economy Lot, costs only $5 per day and $35 per week.


Valdosta Regional Airport (VLD)

LocationThe airport is located nearly four miles (6km) south of Valdosta.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from mid-March to first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

There is no public transport to Valdosta Airport, but shuttle and taxi services are available with advance bookings.

Car Rental

Car hire companies located at the airport include Avis and Hertz.

Airpor Taxis

While there is no official airport taxi company, taxis can be booked via phone from a number of different companies. There are usually taxis waiting outside the airport when flights arrive, but it is advised to book in advance.

Airport Facilities

Airport facilities are limited, but there is a small shop in which to buy sandwiches in the terminal, and a vending machine.

Car Parking

Parking at Valdosta Airport is free; however, travellers planning to leave their cars for more than five days must fill out an online form, available on the airport's website.


Columbus Metropolitan Airport (CSG)

LocationThe airport is located three miles (6km) northeast of the central business district of Columbus.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from mid-March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

The Metra city bus has service to the airport; the stop is located across from the northwest corner of the airport on Airport Thruway, at Wal-Mart. Taxis and limousines are also available.

Car Rental

Car hire companies operating from the airport include Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National.

Airpor Taxis

There is a taxi rank at the east end of the terminal past baggage claim. Fares are charged at $2 for the first mile (1.2km) and $1.80 per mile thereafter. An average fare to Fort Benning costs between $17 and $20.

Airport Facilities

Airport facilities are limited, but include ATMs, vending machines, a news stand and gift shop, a restaurant, and a Pet Pavilion.

Car Parking

Parking lots are open from 4.30am to 11.30pm, and cash or credit cards are accepted. Short-term parking is charged at $1 for the first 30 minutes, $2 for an hour, and $1 per hour thereafter, up to a maximum daily rate of $8. Long-term parking is $2 for the first hour and $1 per hour thereafter, with a maximum daily charge of $7.


McKinnon St. Simons Island Airport (SSI)

LocationThe airport is located on St Simons island, six miles (10km) east of Brunswick.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4 from the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

The best way to connect to the city is via car. Car hire options are available at the airport.

Car Rental

Avis and Hertz offer car rental services at the airport.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis are available but may need to be called to the airport by phone.

Airport Facilities

The airport is mainly used for general aviation. Airport facilities include a quiet room, conference facilities, showers, a kitchen, internet and a concierge service.

Car Parking

Parking is available directly outside the terminal.


Brunswick Golden Isles Airport (BQK)

LocationThe airport is located 5.6 miles (9km) north of central Brunswick.
Time DifferenceGMT -5 (GMT -4, from mid-March to the first Sunday in November).
Getting to city

Island Transport Service and the FLETC Shuttle Service provide shuttle services from the airport to the city. There is no public bus or train to the airport.

Car Rental

Avis, Budget, and Hertz offer car rentals at the airport.

Airpor Taxis

Taxis are available; it is advisable to book one in advance.

Airport Facilities

Terminal facilities include a cafe, ATM, conference facilities, and free baggage trolleys.

Car Parking

Parking is available outside the airport.


Atlanta History Center

Set in nine hectares (23 acres) of beautiful gardens, the Atlanta History Center is the ideal place to soak up the rich history of the state.

The main attractions are two historic homes, open to the public offering informative guided tours. The Tullie Smith House originally s
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The Swan House ©Hellohowareyoudoing

Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site

In January 1929 a baby boy was born in an upstairs bedroom of a house in Atlanta. Today the Victorian house is the centre of a protected site dedicated to the memory of that baby, Martin Luther King, who grew up to become America's Nobel prize-winning Civil Rights leader.

A h
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Martin Luther King Jr. ©Public Domain

World Of Coca-Cola

In 1886 Jacob's Pharmacy, a small drugstore in Atlanta, began selling a new headache and hangover tonic called 'Coca-Cola'. In 1891, entrepreneur Asa Candler paid $2,300 to acquire the rights of what is now the world's most valuable brand. The following year he founded the Coca-Cola Comp
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Coca-Cola Museum ©Melizabethi123

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield

In 1864 Kennesaw Mountain was the scene of a bloody Civil War battle when General Sherman led his Union forces against the entrenched Confederate forces at the site, resulting in the death of more than 67,000 soldiers.

The park consists of several thousand acres of protected
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Kennesaw Mountain ©Mikereichold

Atlanta Botanical Garden

A highlight of the Atlanta Botanical Garden is the Fuqua Conservatory, a giant greenhouse enclosing different climate-controlled eco-systems that was financed by an Atlanta businessman in memory of his wife. A walk through the conservatory takes visitors from a desert into a steamy tropi
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Indoors at Atlanta Botanical Gardens ©Daderot

Fernbank Museum of Natural History

As one of the South's pre-eminent museums, Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a gateway for discovery and exploration, unfolding the story of the earth's history, the physical universe, the environment and human culture through exhibitions, programs and films in the IMAX Theatre. Open
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Fernbank Museum of Natural History ©James Emery

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain is situated about 20 minutes from Atlanta and features numerous man-made and natural attractions. Most awesome of these is the huge relief carving of the three Southern heroes of the Civil War, which has been etched into the mountainside. The images of Confederate Presiden
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Stone Mountain ©Jtesla16


About 15 miles (24km) south of Atlanta in Clayton County is the town of Jonesboro, a not-to-be-missed destination for movie fans and those hankering for a taste of the real 'Deep South'.

Jonesboro was the setting for Margaret Mitchell's acclaimed novel, and later film, Gone w
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Gone With The Wind ©Public Domain

Georgia Mountains

Northern Georgia is hilly and mountainous, dotted with numerous small towns, fascinating historic sites, national parks and forests.

Among the highlights of an exploration of this region are the New Echota State Historic Site (the last capital of the Cherokee nation); Chickam
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Tallulah Gorge ©Thomsonmg2000

Davenport House

This beautiful characteristic pink homestead at the heart of Savannah's historic district was the first of the city's architectural treasures to be saved for posterity. It was the threatened demolition of this house that goaded the city's residents to form a fund to preserve Savannah's h
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Davenport House ©Cybersquire79

Savannah History Museum

The Savannah History Museum gives an excellent introduction to the city, its exhibits reflecting the city's history from her founding to the present day. The museum is housed in a restored railway station that dates from before the Civil War and is one of Georgia's 43 National Historic L
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Savannah History Museum ©Jud McCranie

Telfair Museum of Art

The Telfair Museum of Art is the oldest public art museum in the South, fittingly housed in an important historic building, the Owens-Thomas House. The house, overlooking Oglethorpe Square, was designed by William Jay, a young English architect, who introduced the British Regency style t
▼ see more

Telfair Academy ©Jud McCranie

Fort Jackson

A short distance to the east of central Savannah stands Georgia's oldest standing fort, surrounded by a deep tidal moat. The fort was preceded by a mud battery, the brick fort having been built in 1808. It was the headquarters for the Confederate river defences during the Civil War, when
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Fort Jackson ©MArcin K.

Okefenokee Swamp

The mysterious Okefenokee Swamp comprises 700 square miles (1,813 sq km) of wet, green wilderness stretching across the southern part of coastal Georgia. The largest peat-producing bog in North America, Okefenokee is a national treasure because it provides a refuge for a vast number of a
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Alligator in the Okefenokee Swamp ©Jonas N. Jordan


A short drive south of Savannah lies the charming old town of Darien, established in 1736 on the banks of the Darien River as a military outpost.

Today it is a favoured tourist town; its historic shopping enclave specialises in unique gifts and antiques, and the picturesque w
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Darien Waterfront Park ©Jud McCranie

Tybee Island

The small barrier island of Tybee, 18 miles (29km) east of Savannah, is a popular seaside resort for locals and visitors alike. The three-mile (5km) long beach has rolling sand-dunes, and at the south end of the island a pier and pavilion offer a pleasant stroll, usually accompanied by l
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Tybee Island ©L Church

Turner Field

Originally built for the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, Turner Field was converted after the event to serve as the home of major league baseball team the Atlanta Braves. Affectionately known as 'The Ted', the attractive open-air stadium is a great place to spend a hot summer night in Atl
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Turner Field, Atlanta. ©Zpb52

Georgia Aquarium

The impressive Georgia Aquarium is the largest of its kind and boasts over 100,000 animals from 500 species. A range of different environments play host to fascinating animals from around the world, from whale sharks and manta rays, to sea lions and sea otters, penguins, sharks and a rio
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Georgia Aquarium ©Angela Grider

High Museum of Art

Atlantas's High Museum of Art is home to more than 12,000 pieces in its permanent collection and includes 19th and 20th century American and decorative art, important and visiting European collections, as well as contemporary art and photography, and African folk art. The museum has an i
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High Museum of Art ©Atlantacitizen

The Fox Theatre

Atlanta's Fox Theatre, which is often promoted as the Fabulous Fox, is one of the magnificent movie palaces built in the United States during the 1920s. The theatre's unique beginnings and Moorish design set it apart from other theatres of that period. Today it hosts an array of artistic
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Fox Theatre ©Broadway Tour

Imagine It! Childrens Museum of Atlanta

The Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta is one of the most fascinating places parents on holiday in the city can take their younger kids for a day of exploring, learning and discovering. With exciting interactive exhibits such as the Curious George Gallery or exploring trees, childr
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Imagine It! Children's Museum ©Jeri Gloege

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta features around 1,000 animals representing 250 species from around the world and sees over 1 million tourists every year. Founded in 1889, the zoo has become one of Atlanta's top family attractions with exhibitions on the African rainforest, a free-flying parakeet enclosure,
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Elephant at Zoo Atlanta ©Gavemyheart3162

Six Flags Over Georgia

A great day out for kids of all ages, Six Flags Over Georgia is a fantastic amusement park filled with rides and thrills for just about every child to enjoy. Try the Acrophobia, the Superman, the Batman or the Goliath for the really adventurous, while younger tots will enjoy the Thomas t
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View form the top of the Scream Machine ©TimothyJ

Monetary Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank

Although it doesn't sound like much of a tourist drawcard, visitors to the Federal Reserve Bank are unanimous in their enthusiasm about the fascinating Monetary Museum found there.

Whether part of a guided group tour (recommended for scholarly types), or just perusing the exh
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Federal Reserve Bank ©Andrey Dumchev

Ebenezer Baptist Church

Though small, Ebenezer Baptist Church has played a large role in America's history. Founded in 1886, the church functioned as the epicentre of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s. Martin Luther King Jr acted as co-pastor from 1960 to 1968, and worked toward equal rights for African-Am
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Ebenezer Baptist Church ©Library of Congress

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