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'Flowerpot' rocks in the Bay of Fundi ©Buddha Dog

The sparsely inhabited province of New Brunswick is a wonderland of verdant forests, breathtaking beaches, fragile coastal dunes and some of the oldest mountains in the world, the Appalachians. Logging is a major industry here, and it's no wonder when one sees the abundance of trees. Part of the historic Acadia, a 17th-century French land claim in North America, New Brunswick is the only constitutionally bilingual province in Canada where inhabitants speak both English and French.

The capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton, home to three universities, host to the Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival and New Brunswick Summer Festival, and the Silver Wave Film Festival, which is associated with the Toronto Film Festival. Fredericton is only the third-largest city in the province, however, coming behind Saint John and Moncton.

The Fundy National Park is a must for anyone wanting to escape into the great outdoors as the park comprises Fundy coast and forest and features more than 20 waterfalls for hikers to discover.

The Kouchbouguak National Park boasts warm water tidal pools, while the Bay of Fundy is possibly New Brunswick's most popular attraction, as this spectacular bay rises and falls 40 feet (12 metres) each day with the tides. Visitors will be able to walk along the floor of the bay and marvel at the unusual 'tree-tufted' flowerpot rocks, which have been sculpted in the sandstone by the tides, only to be able to kayak around the bay later that very same day. This bay also provides some exciting whale watching opportunities too.

New Brunswick offers visitors the chance to escape it all and explore the wilderness under big clear skies, perfect for stargazing.

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